May 22


It’s more than an alpha than beta but… This is an old piece of code I was working on a few years ago, but recently found time to start coding again. I know it’s a bit buggy (all of the buttons do not function yet and it tends to lock up bc of the loop on sending packets), but I still have lots of improvements to work on… I need to add my IPv4 Subnet calculator class (Should fix the lockup issues) and ARP class (Some DHCP servers like Fios modems send an arp request after DHCP). I also gotta add the function to hijack existing leases, but it’ll exhaust the DHCP pool on most servers(ie: linksys, cisco routers, etc)… I got it in a working state, so figured I’d post it for fun… It’ll be much improved soon!

BTW, if you test it on any type of DHCP server and don’t see addresses exhaust, let me know… I’ll get my hands on it and love to find out what else it’s doing!