SIGKILL comes from signals on POSIX systems, which are used to interrupt the normal flow of a process’s execution. In particular, SIGKILL is the signal sent to immediately terminate a process, and cannot be caught or ignored. Now, combine that with IT (Information Technology), and you end up with an unstoppable force in IT.

The basic philosophy behind this site is to provide IT professionals with the best information possible through my own experiences. As an IT Professional, I’ve been in situations where I had to complete many tasks where there is little to no documentation or solutions available. In these events, I had to create my own solutions. Many sites will only provide you with simple examples but you will only find full-fledged solutions here, which will save you hours of work and frustration. I’ll be adding and updating sections as quickly as I can create the contents. Check back for new contents because I have some good stuff lined up.

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