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Configuring AnyConnect SSL VPN Client Connections

Network Diagram Anyconnect VPN

Overview ASA: 8.3+ (Written/Tested on 9.0) Authentication: Local (Local ASA User Database) Type: Split-tunnel OR Non split-tunnel The below configurations will work with 8.3+, but was written and tested with 9.0.  When setting up a Anyconnect VPN tunnel, you can push all traffic from the client over the VPN (Tunnel all) or you can use …

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How to Configure a Cisco ASA Site-to-Site IPSec VPN


This article will explain how to configure a Site-to-Site IPSec VPN using Cisco ASA 55XX’s using IKEV1.  My example below shows how to configure VPN’s between 3 sites but can be modified for the following scenarios without much explanation: site-to-site VPN between 2 sites (Just remove SiteC… duh!) site-to-site to 3+ sites (just follow the …

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Convert a WLC LDPE Image to Non-LDPE

Specify Target and Options

If you ever purchase a used Cisco Wireless LAN Controller or receive one on RMA, you may run into an issue when you attempt to upgrade the image and receive the following error: ERROR: Incompatible SW image.ERROR: Please install the Data Payload Encryption licensed image This issue occurs because the Controller has an LDPE image …

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#!/usr/bin/env perl #========================================================================= # # VERSION: 1.0 # AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer # EMAIL: [email protected] # WEB: # DATE: 12/29/2012 # COMMENTS: Uses the Telnet::Cisco module to copy a Cisco Router’s running # configuration to the local machine. This module uses telnet so passwords # will be in clear text. Pass the Cisco Router’s …

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