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How to Configure Network Settings in CentOS 7

1 – FIND YOUR NETWORK ADAPTER Once logged in, you’ll want to enable and configure your network adapter.  First, you’ll need to get the name of your network adapter(s) by running the following command: nmcli d Below you’ll see my results of running this command.  My results show I have an Ethernet adaptor called ens160 and …

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‘========================================================================= ‘ GenerateIPv4Addresses.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: https://sigkillit.com ‘ DATE: 1/1/2011 ‘ COMMENTS: Input the Start IPv4 IP Address and the End IPv4 IP Address to ‘ Generate All IP Addresses In a Log File for the Given Range. ‘ EXAMPLE: Input the Starting IPv4 Address: …

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