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Remove Spam/Phishing Email From All Mailboxes

In 365, you can use Compliance Searches to search and/or remove emails across all of your user’s mailboxes. Compliance searches have replaced the Search-Mailbox cmdlet, which has been deprecated as of April 2020. Pre-Requisites You must be a member of the Discovery Management role group or be assigned the Compliance Search management role. Here’s how …

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365 Password Generator

This powershell script bulk generates passwords in a similar style as the password generator in Office 365.  The passwords begin with a capital letter, followed by 5 lower case letters, and 2 digits at the end.  You can modify the pattern to suite your needs (Note: It’s using the ASCII table ranges as the set …

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List All DNS Records with Powershell

UPDATED 6/16/2016 Thanks for the comments! Here’s a nice quick script to list all DNS records in each zone on the DNS server(includes sub-zones): From the DNS Server $Zones = @(Get-DnsServerZone) ForEach ($Zone in $Zones) { Write-Host “`n$($Zone.ZoneName)” -ForegroundColor “Green” $Zone | Get-DnsServerResourceRecord } From a Remote DNS Server $DNSServer = “servernameOrIp” $Zones = @(Get-DnsServerZone …

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