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Running VBScripts with UAC Elevation

User1 Task Manager Notepad Process Results

Overview Since the introduction of User Account Control (UAC), scripts do not run with administrator privileges despite being a local administrator.  You must elevate your script to run with administrator privileges. I’ll start by showing you a simple example.  The script below will list all of the processes on the local computer as well as …

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‘========================================================================= ‘ ElevateWscript.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: 1/25/2012 ‘ COMPATIBLE: Windows Vista, Server 2008, and Above ‘ COMMENTS: Since the introduction of UAC in Windows, despite being an ‘ administrator you may still need to run a script with elevated ‘ privileges. For example …

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‘========================================================================= ‘ ListRunningScripts.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.1 – Null value is returned when a script is launched by another user on the local computer and the script is not elevated for UAC. I added a check to look for this and alert the user. ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: …

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‘========================================================================= ‘ IDK.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: 12/8/2012 ‘ COMMENTS: If you have ever had an issue making a decision like “What Should ‘ I eat for dinner” or “What should I do tonight?” then IDK aka “I Don’t Know” ‘ is the script …

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‘========================================================================= ‘ EmailParts.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: 4/1/2012 ‘ COMMENTS: Four methods to break an email address into the local and ‘ domain parts. I prefer the string methods because you can make them ‘ 1-liners, doesn’t require additional variables, and simplifies error ‘ …

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‘========================================================================= ‘ ScriptSuicide.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: 1/1/2011 ‘ COMMENTS: Deletes the current script. This is useful when you are running ‘ scripts to automate tasks such as installations, logins, etc and you want ‘ to remove the script after it executes. ‘ EXAMPLE: …

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