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‘========================================================================= ‘ ConvertOutlookContactsToAD.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: 2/9/2013 ‘ REQUIREMENTS: Requires Exchange Tools or CDOEXM.DLL on the computer running ‘ the script to create Email enabled contacts. The script also uses OLEDB, ‘ which requires running it with %systemroot%\SysWow64\wscript.exe, ‘ %systemroot%\SysWow64\cscript.exe, or a 64-bit …

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Outlook unable to open your default e-mail folders

Outlook Compatibility Tab Everything Unchecked

Error Messages unable to open your default e-mail folders Cannot open the Outlook window. The server is not available. Resolution 1 Outlook was installed with compatibility mode. Locate your outlook.exe, Typically in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\ (Note: 14 is for office 2010, yours may vary depending on your version of Outlook). Right-click the OUTLOOK.EXE, and …

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