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Run Active Directory Management Tools as Another User

Windows Features Enable RSAT

There’s quite a few situations where you may need to run Active Directory Management tools like Active Directory Users and Computers with different credentials. For example: Computer is not joined to the domain Need to connect to another domain/forest Logged in as a standard domain user and need to supply different credentials etc… Step 1 …

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Delegate Add/Delete Computer Objects in AD

ComputerOU Properties

AD Delegation allows you to give users/groups access to certain parts of your AD without giving them full admin access. A great example is allowing Help Desk users to reset user passwords; this is actually quite easy and is a default option when delegating permissions to an OU. However, you may want your Help Desk …

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Find Email Address in Active Directory

LDAP proxyAddresses Query

Did you ever try to create a new email address and receive an error message that it already exists?  Or did you ever have someone ask who is using an email address?  Here are some methods to find the email address: 1 – Active Directory Users and Computers Saved Queries (Server 2003 and up) In …

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