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RetroPie Install Guide

This original guide is meant for the Raspberry PI 2/3/3B+ (Updated 11/5/2020) *** Click the below link to see the updated version for the RaspberryPi 4B! *** https://sigkillit.com/2020/09/09/retropie-install-guide-raspberrypi-4/ Hardware Used You can easily go cheaper on the hardware by getting USB controllers, getting a smaller MicroSD card, not adding the optional fan, or by not …

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Clean No-Intro 2018 ROM Set

IMPORTANT UPDATE 6/07/2023 – Major Rewrite for v6.0!!! Overview I did not want my RetroPie to be cluttered with ROMs I did not want. I only wanted the original games, I did not want duplicates or revisions, and I only wanted games in English so I could read the on screen text. For example, the …

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