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F You Captcha

Captcha FYou

I had to create a test Yahoo email account today and apparently Captcha’s hate me as much as I hate them…  Here’s my F you (Fuck You) captcha!

Configuring AnyConnect SSL VPN Client Connections

Network Diagram Anyconnect VPN

Overview ASA: 8.3+ (Written/Tested on 9.0) Authentication: Local (Local ASA User Database) Type: Split-tunnel OR Non split-tunnel The below configurations will work with 8.3+, but was written and tested with 9.0.  When setting up a Anyconnect VPN tunnel, you can push all traffic from the client over the VPN (Tunnel all) or you can use …

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Option Explicit ‘========================================================================= ‘ DirMirror.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: 9/26/2013 ‘ REQUIREMENTS: ‘ – robocopy.exe (Built in to Server2008+, Windows 7+) ‘ – blat.exe, blat.dll. blat.lib in the same directory as the script ( ‘ – Blat profile installed to email results ‘ – …

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How to Configure a Cisco ASA Site-to-Site IPSec VPN


This article will explain how to configure a Site-to-Site IPSec VPN using Cisco ASA 55XX’s using IKEV1.  My example below shows how to configure VPN’s between 3 sites but can be modified for the following scenarios without much explanation: site-to-site VPN between 2 sites (Just remove SiteC… duh!) site-to-site to 3+ sites (just follow the …

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Convert a WLC LDPE Image to Non-LDPE

Specify Target and Options

If you ever purchase a used Cisco Wireless LAN Controller or receive one on RMA, you may run into an issue when you attempt to upgrade the image and receive the following error: ERROR: Incompatible SW image.ERROR: Please install the Data Payload Encryption licensed image This issue occurs because the Controller has an LDPE image …

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‘========================================================================= ‘ DeleteOldUsers.vbs ‘ VERSION: 1.0 ‘ AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer ‘ EMAIL: [email protected] ‘ WEB: ‘ DATE: 4/22/2014 ‘ USER TERMINATION POLICY: ‘ – Reset PW ‘ – Set description to termination date ‘ – Optionally forward email ‘ – Move terminated users to specified OU ‘ COMMENTS: This script works in conjunction with …

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Matching Credit Card Numbers

Visa Regex Test

Overview Using regular expressions, you can easily match a credit card number.  You may wish to validate legit CC numbers, block financial information in emails, or audit security by finding financial information in documents.  There is no perfect algorithm or regex for detecting potential CCN’s, and there will always be false positives, etc.  Although regular …

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Block Outbound Email for Specific Users

Block Outbound Email

Overview There are a few situations where you may need to restrict certain users from sending email to external users.  For example, you may have part time employees that only need to send email to internal users OR you might have an employee who’s about to get terminated and don’t want them emailing clients.  Fortunately, …

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Delivery Report in Outlook or Outlook Web App

Outlook Message Delivery Report

Overview When using Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA) in an Office 365 or Exchange environment, you can track the message from the client side.  Both Outlook and OWA allow you to view a delivery report in order to confirm a message was delivered when the recipient claims they have not received it or if …

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#========================================================================= # 365Licenses.ps1 # VERSION: 1.0 # AUTHOR: Brian Steinmeyer # EMAIL: [email protected] # WEB: # DATE: 4/4/20114 # REQUIREMENTS: # 1) Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant for IT Professionals # -( # 2) Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell # -( # COMMENTS: This script is intended to retrieve Office 365 …

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